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  • Too Many Things

    May 15 2013 3:31 PM


    I’ve been doing too many things at one time lately. I need to slow it down a little bit and finish one item at a time. I’m going to try and get as much inking done as possible tonight and tomorrow …

  • The Big 40

    Apr 23 2013 2:44 PM


    Well… Today is a day of days, I turned 40 years old today, and wow have I come such a long way. I’ve made tons of mistakes and done some pretty awesome things. Here’s to me and hopefully I have many …

  • Back Spasms

    Apr 22 2013 11:37 AM


    So I managed to get back spams (again), this time it’s not as painful. I’ll have to redo the final panel of there comic so the story flows better. The story seems to get lost at the last panel. So it’ …

  • FedEx

    Apr 8 2013 3:27 PM


    You’re dumb and I hate you… Why do you make such poor delivery decisions? WHY!!!!! 

  • New Drawing Tablet

    Apr 3 2013 9:29 AM


    I managed to get my hands on this puppy Tursion 10 x 6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet with 8 Hot Key. I’m super excited to get it I can’t wait to get my hands on it so I can start drawing to my …

  • Much better!

    Flu, Sick, Comics, Done

    Mar 29 2013 12:09 PM


    Now that I’m feeling much better I can get other stuff done. I also got myself a new drawing tablet. Finally getting rid of that old Graphire 2 I’ve had for like ever. Better pressure control bigger …

  • Installing CS6

    Mar 26 2013 12:06 PM


    Ok I’m in love with Photoshop CS6. I’m seriously thinking about purchasing an CD key, the pen tool is nicer I like the brush options! The zoom is nicer, the dark interface… Omg! I’m in love…

  • Sick Part Two!

    Mar 25 2013 11:10 AM


    I pick the worst times to get sick, I need to finish the next comic but I’m not feeling to well. I’m feeling horrible actually which makes it really hard for me to sleep at night. So when …

  • Sick

    Mar 22 2013 11:20 AM


    *sigh* Why do I have to get sick? I don’t want it! I always make sure I dress warmly so this doesn’t happen. BUT NOOOOO!!!!!  I just had to get sick. Farfegnugen!

  • Epic Comeback!

    NBA, Epic, Heat, Cavs

    Mar 21 2013 10:57 AM

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    So last night while I was working on the comic (Terrible idea to try a new inking technique), I was watching, paying close attention to  the Cleveland Miami game. I thought for sure their win …

  • Late comic

    Comics, Maxine, Almost Done

    Mar 18 2013 9:53 AM


    This weeks comic might be late, I’ll try my best to have it up by Tuesday evening the latest.  I got side tracked this week-end and it ate into my comic time but never the less I will get the …

  • Loving my new site!

    Mar 14 2013 4:48 PM


    Orchard is really making me happy right now! I’m able to do so much very easily now, and with little fuss. My biggest obstacle right now is getting things oriented the way I want. Most of it is …

  • A New Start

    Fresh Start, Comics, Writer

    Mar 12 2013 3:05 PM

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    Say what a new site, a new writer, a new drawing style? Yup to all of the abve!!!! I finally got a new write for the comic, I've finally made up my mind and moved to a CMS. All is good in the world, …